International Experience Canada

Formerly known as WORKING HOLIDAY VISA

Did you know that if you are between the ages of 18 and 35, you can work legally for up to one year anywhere in Canada? Whether it is to gain valuable international work experience or to finally take that trip of a lifetime you’ve always imagined?

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has negotiated agreements with several countries and has partnered with various organizations. Through these agreements and partnerships, international young participants can easily obtain a temporary work permit and gain professional and personal experience in Canada.

This program is open to students, workers or just individuals who want to travel and get work experience abroad. However, the program may not be combined with studies in Canada.

The job market is increasingly competitive in Canada. Participants in these programs develop a number of skills that will be attractive to employers, especially those with international operations. Generally, our participants have an adventurous spirit, are willing to challenge the unknown and to identify their own opportunities. Employers sometimes refer to them as “trailblazers” who demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness and leadership. Traits such as these prevail in a highly competitive and global economy in which individuals are often expected to be able to communicate efficiently in more than one language, and to understand other cultures and values.

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